Tube and section deburring machine for straight, bent and complex asymmetrical work pieces.

Deburring with high performance brushes

Faster. Easier. Better!

Deburring tubes, sections, bar ends and sheet metal after cutting is essential. But only the right system will provide low cost, reliable and immaculate deburring with both the machines and the high performance brushes being optimally designed adapted to the properties and quality of the workpiece material.

RSA stands alone as the only company worldwide to manufacture both deburring machines and their high performance brushes. This benefits you as the  user, as this complete system enables perfect results time after time.

Discover the advantages RSA deburring systems have to offer!

Robust and quick deburring for symmetrical and asymmetrical workpieces

TURNAMAT is the tube deburring machine for an economic solution for deburring of straight and bent tubes, complex section shapes and workpieces which are heavy or have stronger burrs. Without manually turning the workpiece both the inside and outside edges can be simultaneously deburred in around three seconds. With manual workpiece feeding this means shorter set-up times! The Turnamat is also engineered to be a heavy, solid, long - lasting unit giving many years of trouble free service.

In addition to the typical rotation the radial brush also performs a second rotation: the entire drive unit also rotates to ensure the inner and outer edges of the workpiece are machined evenly.

TURNAMAT symmetrical workpieces can be changed to a different workpiece diameter via an adjustment control within seconds. The machine has a high safety standard with CE certification. Asymmetrical workpieces can be safely deburred on the TURNAMAT. sections are fed through a finely engineered front plate which can easily be changed without tools. 


Technical Data
Input power kW          3.7 / 4.4
Speed rpm 1,500 + 3,000
Work Piece Data
Materials steel, stainless steel, aluminium, non-ferrous metals
Cross-sections mm 20 x 20 to 120 x 120, 10 x 10 to 120 x 120
Deburring time sec 1 to 5 per end face

Other dimensions on request


Your time advantage

  • Simultaneously deburrs inner and outer edges
  • No manually turning the workpiece
  • Brush change in under two minutes

Your quality advantage

  • High performance brushes ensure consistent results
  • Residue-free deburring even on larger cross-sections

Your cost advantage

  • Built-in drawer for chips
  • No sensory linking required between deburring system and robot 


Changeable front plate

For precise alignment of asymmetrical workpieces

External dust extraction

Clamping and transverse feeding device

For workpiece cross-sections to 70 x 450 mm

Lockable castors

For mobility



High performance brushes from a system manufacturer

. . . . . .

Through intensive research and development RSA have further developed conventional technical brushes using special types of wire for various applications. This means excellent processing results, consistent quality and a longer working life . The result: low costs per processed workpiece.

The benefits:

We control the complete manufacturing process and produce quality tools with the following features:

  • Quality wires with long working life
  • Very short processing times
  • True running throughout the lifetime of the brush
  • Trimming of the brushes according to specific requirements 

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