Metal Cutting Cold Saws

HABERLE Model H 450: HSS Saw Blade (17.5") 450x40mm/ For steel construction and production , cuts large steel and stainless steel tubes, channels, sections and construction profiles.

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Cutting Range
90° (straight)
Round Tube
Square Tube
Rectangle Tube
7.8" x 3.0"
5.5" x 3.5"

Other Metal Cutting Saws:

S 225, H 250, H 6, H 300, H 350, H350/HH 90

Hand-operated High Quality Cold Saw

Heavy duty worm &wheel drive with hardened and ground worm shaft and special bronze worm wheel, completely free from clearance, running in an oil bath. Oversized main spindle for full-time operation, axial adjustable. Sawblade speeds: 60 Cycle = 28/56 RPM.

Safety Guard System

The two-piece hinged safety guard made of cast aluminum cares for best operator's safety. In rest position, it covers the sawblade completely and remains a short over the cutting area when swiveling the saw head. Quick lift-up without tools for easy sawblade replacement.

Saw Head Pivot System

Rigid, double yoke pivot with hardened and ground shaft, adjustable on both sides.

Mitering Saw head

Head easily miters within 45° to any position, with positive locking at 45°- 0°- 45°. Mitering table is clamped from top. Workpiece remains stationary while head rotates.

Clamping System

Standard with two manual quick action vises (Version A), each movable and with exchangeable vise jaw plate. Air operated automatic vise system (Version B) at extra price, with pilot valve behind the saw head for immediate clamping when the saw head is lifted from rest position, and with air filter-regulator-lubricator. Operating pressure: 6 bar (90 PSI). Separate air regulator for each vise cylinder.

Water Coolant System

Coolant tank 40 Litres (10 Gal.); separate, removable chip container; powerful diaphragm pump driven by excentric bearing in the saw head; coolant supply to both sides of the sawblade.

Electric Equipment

3-phase 2-speed motor, 1.7/3.0 KW (2.2/4.0 HP) 60 C. Main switch with thermal overload protection.

Sawblades H.S.S.

450x3.0x40 mm (17.5") for mild steel and non-ferrous metals.
400x3.0x40 mm (16") for stainless steel at slow speed.
350x2.5x40 mm (14") for steel solid material.
Drive holes: 2 off 12 mm dia. on cycle 64 mm dia.
Not recommendable for segmental blades, they overstress the machine.

Standard Equipment

1 set of operating tools, 1 instruction booklet with parts list.

Extra Equipment

Length stop 1 meter (40") ungraduated, various length stops with metric rule; top clamp manual or air operated; air vise system; downfeed restriction cylinder; semi-automatic version; sawblades, coolant fluid, roller carriers.

Dimensions and Weights

Machine unpacked:     720x1000x1800 mm; 350 kg
Machine packed:         800x1200x1600 mm; 390 kg

Cutting Range with Sawblade 450 mm (17.5")

Round Tube

160 mm (6.3") 90°
135 mm (5.3") 45°

Square Tube

130 mm (5") 90°
120 mm (4.7) 45° 

Rectangular Section

Jaw plates removed

180 x 100 mm (7x4") 90°
140x 90 mm (5.5"x3.5") 45°
200x 90 mm (7.8"x3") 90°

Cutting Range with Sawblade 400 mm (16")

Round Tube

130 mm (5") 90°
120 mm (4.7") 45°

Square Tube

115 mm (4.5") 90°
100 mm (4) 45°

Solid Steel
(serial cuts, max. sawblade size 350mm)

60 mm(2.5")