Metal Cutting Cold Saws

HABERLE Model H 350: HSS Saw Blade (14") 350x40mm/ For workshops and full-time production, cuts steel, stainless steel, nonferrous metals.  Model H 350/T for large sections and channels.

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H 350/A comes with manual vise

H 350/B comes with air vise

Cutting Range
90° (straight)
Round Tube
Square Tube
Rectangle Tube
7.0" x 2.5"
5.0" x 2.5"
Other Metal Cutting Saws:
S 225, H 250, H 6, H 300, H350/H, H 450, H 90

MODEL H 350 Version A
Doublegrip mechanical quick-action vise with clamp levers for quick movement to the left or right side of the sawblade. Optional second mechanical vise available if needed.

MODEL H 350 Version B
Automatic double air vise system with cylinder stroke 8 mm (3/8"), pilot valve, front regulators and filterlubricator. Clamping is actuated when the saw head is moved from rest position by operator's handle. Necessary air supply: 6 bar (90 PSI).

• for large straight cuts
• with additional T-shaped slots
• with double vise
Special machine table for straight cuts, with 4 additional T-shaped slots and replaceable rear jaw plates. For flat cableway sections or for special clamp devices to cut curved exhaust pipes.

Water coolant system with reliable high volume diaphragm coolant pump. Coolant supply to both sides of the sawblade. Removable 20 l (5 gal.) coolant reservoir, separate 20 l (5 gal.) swarf box. Quick release hose connection, fluid stop cock.

2-piece safety guard closes completely when the saw head is in rest position. Operator can not touch the sawblade. Double latch linkage for free guard movement when the head is lifted to effect the cut, outer guard remains between operator and sawblade. Quick release by spring button for easy sawblade replacement.

Oversized precision gear drive with elastic safety coupling, hardened and ground worm shaft, worm wheel of special bronze and 70 mm (2.75") dia. main spindle running in oil. Designed and built for full-time operation.

Sawblade H.S.S. max. 350x2.5x4O mm (14") with 2 drive holes 11 mm on circle 64 mm. Do not use segmental blades.

Sawblade speeds:

50 Hz:

Standard 44/88 RPM for steel & non-ferrous metals.
Optional 22/44/88 RPM also for stainless steel.

60 Hz:

Standard 53/106 RPM for steel & non-ferrous metals.
Optional 26.5/53/106 RPM also for stainless steel.

Double yoke pivot with hardened and ground shaft, adjustable on both sides.

Flat machine table with built-in precision swivel and clearly marked mitering scale. Vise remains stationnary, saw head miters to any position within 45°. Positive locking by springloaded pin at O° and 45°. Mitering table is clamped from top by clamp lever.


Jaw plates replaceable for profiled jaws. Standard rear plates movable close to the sawblade for safe cuts of thin workpieces. They reduce the cutting range for sections and structural by 12 mm (1/2").


Optional double-grip quick action vise
for burrfree straight cuts, recommended when cutting small parts. Adjustable right grip arm, vise screw with additional rear close-tolerance guide.

Optional second mechanical quick action vise recommended on machines of version A, allows burrfree straight and miter cuts.


Cutting range


Size ( inches ) Sawblade Angle

Round tube

120 dia.
110 dia.
90 dia.
( 4.75" )
( 4.3" )
( 3.5" )
350 mm
325 mm
300 mm
0°- 45° mitre
0°- 45° mitre
0°- 45° mitre

Square tube

105 squ.
90 squ.
( 4.1" )*
( 3.5" )*
350 mm
350 mm
0° straight
0°- 45° mitre


170 x 60
120 x 60
110 x 70
(6.5 x 2.5" )*
(4.7 x 2.3" )*
(4.3 x 2.7" )*
350 mm
350 mm
350 mm
0° straight
0°- 45° mitre
0°- 45° mitre


60 dia. ( 2.5 )max. ,with 300 mm coarse blade

* Maximal cutting range without rear jaw plates.

Dimensions & weight:

Unpacked, without operator's handle: 
660x920x1500 (WxLxH 26"x36"x58") 
approx. 280 kg. (615 lbs.)

3-phase motors:
Standard 50 Hz: 2-speed 1.6/2.0 kW (2.1/2.65 HP)
Optional 50 Hz: 3-speed 0.8/1.5/2.0 kW (1.1/2.0/2.8 HP)

Standard 60 Hz: 2-speed 1.9/2.4 kW (2.5/3.2 HP)
Optional 60 Hz: 3-speed 0.95/1.8/2.4 kW (1.3/2.4/3.3 HP)

Main switch with overload protection and emergency stop device.

Cutting range with sawblade H.S.S. 350 mm

Flat Section:
Box Section:

240x60 mm
160x100 mm 

Square tube:
Round tube:

120 mm dia.


Version A: Double mechanical vise, opening 240 mm, with quick adjustment sleeve.
Version B: Double air vise system with valve, front regulators and filter-lubricator.


Optional fluid spray lubricator system for pure oil lubrication at extremely low oil consumption, with the Uni-MIST® dispenser No. 20.


• Adjustable positive injector pump
• Adjustable pulse generator
• Pressureless oil reservoir 0.5 l (16 oz.)
• Special nozzle, adjustable to the sawblade
• Separate oil and air supply to nozzle
• Separate volume control for air and oil
• Best equipment for vegetable oil
• Pilot valve for automatic operation
• Air pressure minimum 3 bar (45 PSI)

For standard machines: Model 20/A with electrical control valve and air filter-regulator.
For machines with air vise system: Model 20/13 with air control valve.

Length stops
Standard version: 1 Meter (40") ungraduated with quick release handles. Hinged 2-piece slider to touch any position of the workpiece.

Graduated versions available upon request.

Downfeed speed restriction cylinder for safe operation and longer sawblade life on the hand-operated cold saw.


• Quick adjustment by clamp lever
• Soft touch of the sawblade to the material
• No hook-in cutting thin-walled workpieces
• Provable longer life of sawblade
• Precision cuts as on automatic machines
• Best for untrained operators
• With air vise system a safe equipment
  also for handicapped workers

Free movement of the saw head towards the workpiece. Adjustable trailing block cares for soft touch, pulls the piston rod of the hydraulic cylinder when cutting through the workpiece and pushes back the rod when lifting back the saw head into rest position.