Metal Cutting Cold Saws

HABERLE Model H 300: HSS Saw Blade (12.5") 315x40mm/ Heavy-duty saw for material stocks, workshop and full-time production.  Cuts steel, stainless steel and nonferrous metals.

View Brochure: HABERLE_H_300.pdf

Cutting Range
90° (straight)
Round Tube
Square Tube
Rectangle Tube
6.0" x 2.5"
4.0" x 2.5"
Other Metal Cutting Saws:
S 225, H 250, H 6H 300S, H 350, H350/H, H 450, H 90

Drive Motor
Please specify the required currency.

50 Hz:

Standard 3-phase
Optional 3-phase
or powered: 3-phase
Optional single-phase
1400/2800 RPM,
700/1400 RPM,
700/1700 RPM,
1400 RPM,

1.4/1.8 HP.
0.75/1.3 HP.
1.2/2.4 HP.
1.3 HP.

60 Hz:

Standard 3-phase
Optional 3-phase
Optional single-phase
1700/3400 RPM,
850/1700 RPM,
1700 RPM,

1.7/2.5 HP.
1.0/1.8 HP.
1.5 HP

Drive Gear Unit

Robust double-supported worm shaft, heavy construction sawblade drive spindle with tough texture bronze wheel.

Sawblade Speeds 50 Hz:

Standard: 45 / 90 RPM
Optional: 22.5 / 45 RPM
Single-phase: 45 RPM

Sawblade Speeds 60 Hz:

Standard: 52 / 104 RPM
Optional: 26 / 52 RPM
Single-phase: 52 RPM

Clamping Unit

The strong double-grip vise allows burrIess straight cuts by clamping also the cut-off piece. For mitering cuts, the right arm can be taken off if necessary. Optional: Vise with quick-action lever.

Mitering 0°- 45°

The saw head turns to the left for mitering cuts.
Engraved scale 0°- 45° by 1° steps. Adjustable table clamp [ever.

Air Clamping Equipment (Version B)

Optional automatically clamping vise, controlled by an air valve behind the saw head. Complete with air regulator and lubricator unit.

Vise Jaw Plates

Replaceable against specially profiled jaws if required. The rear plates can be moved to close the cutting slot for mitering cuts whenever thin material is to be cut.

Coolant Equipment

Standard with diaphragm pump, fluid regulator and handy pull-out coolant tray for perfect circulation.

Safety Sawblade Guard

Swing guided double guard of cast aluminum, swings forward without jamming vise or material and closes in rest position for safe operation.

Sawblades H.S.S.

Steam-treated, two pin-holes Ø 11 mm on circle Ø 64 mm. 
315x2.5x40 mm; 300x2.5x40 mm; 275x2.0x40 mm.

Cutting Range with Sawblade Dia. 315 mm


95 mm O.D. 
90 mm O.D. 
85 mm squ. 
75 mm squ. 
0°- 45°
0°- 45°


130x60 mm
100x60 mm 
(5.1" x 2.4")
(4.0" x 2.4")
0°- 45°


120x65 mm
100x60 mm
(5.0" x 2.5")
0°- 45°

Steel bar
Non-ferrous Stainless 

max. 60 mm
max. 80 mm
max. 50 mm

Main Switch

Lock-up main switch with thermal motor protection.

Weights and Dimensions

Machine unpacked: 140 kg; 750x450x900 mm
Machine packed:     155 kg; 750x550x650 mm

Standard Equipment

Double-grip vise; coolant system; operating wrenches; operator's manual with parts list.

Optional Equipment

Vise with quick-action lever; air clamping equipment; sawblades; machine stand; coolant fluid; slow-speed motor; single-phase motor; length stop; material roller carriers.