Extra Large Semi-Automatic Metal Cutting Cold Saw

HABERLE Model H 450/H (Semi Automatic) and H 450/H with pusher system (Auto Operation) : HSS Saw Blade (17.7") 450x40mm/ For steel construction and production , cuts large steel and stainless steel tubes, channels, sections and construction profiles.

· Automatic down feed and automatic clamping

· Durable worm and wheel drive for full-time production

· Motor 3-phase 220 V, 460 V or 575 V

· Saw blade speeds 27/54 rpm

· HSS saw blades up 450 x 40 mm (17.7”)

· Vise opens (without jaw plates) 200 mm (7.9”)

· Mitre-cuts up to 45° to both sides

· Pusher system available to convert machine to fully automatic

Cutting Range for H450/H

90 (straight)
Round Tube
Square Tube
Rectangle Tube
7.9" x 3.0"
5.5" x 3.5"
*Optional adjustable V-Jaws available

SAFETY GUARD  2-piece cast aluminum guard system for best operator's safety. The link operated forward section provides for maximum operator's safety and allows easy and quick saw blade replacement.

DRIVE GEARS Extremely robust worm & wheel drive with hardened and ground worm shaft, special bronze worm wheel and a saw blade drive shaft of Ø 70 mm, running in an oil bath, for 3-shifts operation, free of maintenance. Elastic coupling between motor and drive gears.

AUTOMATIC DOWN-FEED SYSTEM  Standard with reliable DRUMAG feeder HPE-11: Quick motion from rest position to the adjustable material level and infinitely adjustable power down-feed motion, with adjustable return point and quick return motion into the upper rest position. This version allows the feeding of the material over the vise into the cutting area, but requires two-hands safety start system.
PIVOT SHAFT Double joke pivot system with hardened and ground shaft, adjustable on both sides. Low pivot level cares for extremely little vibration.

MACHINE TABLE Large, table allows individual positioning for the two vise units. Mitering table for horizontal mitering of the saw head within 45° to both sides. Movable rear jaws allow a small cutting slot for easy and accurate straight and mitering cuts through thin-walled material. A length stop can be installed at both sides of the back fences using the adapter hole Ø 18 mm.


H.S.S. or H.S.S.-E (Cobalt alloyed), steam treated: 300 x 2.5 x 40 mm, 315 x 2.5 x 40 mm, 325 x (2.5 or 3) x 40 mm,

350 x (2.5 or 3) x 40 mm, 400 x 3 x40 mm, 425 x (3 or 3.5) x 40mm, 450 x (3 or 3.5) x 40 mm

Toothing: Form C, coarse / medium / fine, depending on the wall thickness of the material to be cut.

Drive holes: 2 off Ø 11 mm on cycle Ø 64 mm.
Segmental blades are not recommended, they can overstress the machine.

3-PHASE MOTOR (220 v,460 V, or 575V) 

Slow-speed USA, 60 Hz: 850/1700 RPM, 1.3/2.4 kW

Standard USA, 60 Hz: 1700/3400 RPM, 2.1/2.6 kW

Slow-speed motor:  USA: 27/54 RPM for stainless and mild steel

Standard motor: USA: 54/108 RPM for mild steel and nonferrous metals

SAW BLADE LUBRICATION SYSTEMS Water coolant system with diaphragm pump, stop cock and large containers for coolant fluid and swarf chips. Plus an additional low-consumption oil spray mist system with precision dispenser from UNIST Inc., USA, recommended for cutting thinner tubes, sections and rectangular profiles.

AIR VISE Strong double-grip air vise with adjustable guide rails and adjustable arm bracket to hold the cut-off piece, for burr-free finished cuts. Replaceable vise jaws allow the installation of profiled jaws for special applications.

CONTROL SYSTEMS For a minimum of maintenance and service, the electric system is held at the necessary minimum, including main switch, overload switches and 24 Volt circuit to watch the air control system.

The automatic cycle of clamping and down-feed is completely air controlled, including the Emergency Stop button which locks the vise cylinder in any emergency situation, and with selective switch for permanent or stop & go motor drive. A control desk incorporates the manual actuators (Start / Stop / Emergency Stop), a cycle counter and an air coupling to install the air hose of the vise cylinder. Operating pressure for the air supply: 6 bar.

450kg, 1250x700x2050mm

STANDARD EQUIPMENT Maintenance tools, operating wrenches, manual with parts list, (1) HSS saw blade, coolant fluid.

OPTIONAL EQUIPMENT Saw blade, length stop, top clamp, roller tables, profiled jaws, v-jaws (for thin tubing and bundle cutting), lubrication fluids, pusher system (makes it fully automatic), double grip air-vise.