Aluminum Cutting Cold Saws

HABERLE Model AL 380/H (Semi Automatic): Carbide tipped (T.C.T.) (15") 380x40mm/ High speed aluminum saw, for high production, cuts aluminum alloys and plastics. Powered Sawhead with Quick Forward Motion. Adjustable Power Stroke and Quick Return. Pneumatic Control System with 2-Vises,Two-Hand Saftey Start and Emergency Stop.

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♦ Fully Automatic Aluminum Cutting Saw ♦

AL380/H with pusher system

AL380/H Cutting Range
90° (straight)
Round Tube
Square Tube
Rectangle Tube
7.0" x 3.5"
5.0" x 3.5"

Other Aluminum Cutting Saws:
AL 380/A, AL 380/B

Electric System

Main switch according to EN 262, switches off the whole machine, Thermic overload motor protection. 24 Volt system. Permanent motor drive with manual stop function.

3-phase motor 3.0 (3.6) kW, with separate switch for safe set-up or maintenance works. Available: 4.0 (4.8) kW at extra charge.

Safety control system

Air controlled cutting cycle for reliable operation and easy maintenance. Two-hands safety start and emergency stop push button according to the latest safety regulations. The emergency stop signal switches off the motor and also cares for safe clamping of the material while the saw head returns into rest position.

Saw Head Downfeed

Reliable sawblade feeder system with quick motion, infinitely adjustable power feed and quick return into rest position. Necessary air supply: 6 bar (90 psi).

Clamping System

Two quickly adjustable sleeve-type air vises can be moved into any position on the flat table Separate air pressure regulator for each cylinder (Ø 70 mm). Replaceable jaw plates allow also profiled jaws for special applications The rear jaw plates can be moved close to the sawblade for cutting thin material.

Carbide Tipped Sawblade

T.C.T. Ø 380 x 4.0 x 40 mm (15"), two drive holes Ø 12 min (1/2") on cycle Ø
64 mm (2.5")

Sawblade Lubrication

Standard with fluid spray dispenser uni-MAX® Model 20 from UNIST INC. USA, With HABERLE sawblade nozzle built into the sawblade guard, adjustable to the size of the sawblade, for best lubrication at extremely low fluid consumption.

Chip Chute Channel

The turbo-wind effect of the sawblade blows most of the chips through the channel of the pivot block, 4"dia. exhaust connection.

Dimensions and Weight 

Machine unpacked:
0.8 x 1.3 x 1.6 m (2.5' x 3.6' x 5'), 360 kg