Aluminum Cutting Cold Saws

HABERLE Model AL 380/A: Carbide tipped (T.C.T.) (15") 380x40mm/ High speed aluminum saw, for workshops and production, cuts aluminum alloys and plastics. 2 Mechanical Push & Clamp Vises

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Cutting Range
90° (straight)
Round Tube
Square Tube
Rectangle Tube
7.0" x 3.5"
5.0" x 3.5"

Other Aluminum Cutting Saws:
AL 380/B, AL 380/H



For cutting tubes and profiles of soft aluminum alloys and plastics, Not suitable for cutting steel, stainless steel and hard materials.


Cutting Range

Model AL 380 Mitering Machine


Ø 140 mm
Ø 120 mm 
( 5.5" )
4.7 ")


125 x 125 mm
107 x 1070 mm
( 4.9" )
( 4.2" )


175 x 90 mm
130 x 90 mm
( 7" x 3.5" )
( 5" x 3.5" )
(Maximum dimensions without rear jaw plates)

3-phase Electric System:

50 Hz Currency: 
Main switch, with thermic overload protection, in Europe with undervoltage trip and 24 V trigger switch as shown.

AL 380, AL 38:    3-ph. 1 -speed motor 40OV, 3.0 kW, motor brake.

60 Hz Currency:
Main switch, thermic overload protection, for USA with undervoltage, tip. Optional: 24 V trigger switch in the handle.

AL 380, AL 38:    1 -speed motor 220/440 V or 575 V, 4.8 HP.

High Speed Saw Head: 

Triple belt drive to the sawblade. Strong main spindle. Hardened and ground pivot shaft, adjustable, with bronze bushes. Pivot block with chip chute channel.

Machine Table: 

AL 380: Large table (620 mm), miters through 45º to both sides. Spring-loaded bolt for 0º and 45º. AL 38 with narrow table (300 mm) and material slide area to the right.

Sawblade Sizes:

AL 380, AL 38: Max. size 0 380 x 40 mm (15").
Drive holes: 2x Ø12 mm on circle Ø 64 mm.

Sawblade Speeds:

AL 380, AL 38:    3000 RPM, for TCT sawblades only.

Sawblade Oil Lubricating Systems:

Standard with mechanical oil pump built into the saw head. Optional with uni-MAX™ spray system from UNIST INC, USA, and spray nozzle built into the sawblade guard, adjustable to the sawblade size.


Model AL 380/T: 

For straight cuts of large sections. Replaceable back fences, 4 T-shape slots in the table. Cutting range, rear jaws in place:  240 x 80 mm (9.5" x 3") or 200 x 100 mm (8" x 4"). Max. cutting range: 254 x 80 mm (10" x 3") without rear jaw plates.


Safety Sawblade Guard:

Totally closing 2-piece aluminum guard. Link-operated lift-up system, for best protection and fast sawblade replacement.

Version B:
Air vise system, automatically operated by an air valve when the saw head is lifted from rest position. Cylinder Ø 70 mm, safety stroke 8 mm (1/4'). Standard with filter regulator-lubricator. Optional with separate pressure regulators for each cylinder, installed in the machine stand (see overleaf). Required air supply: 6 bar (90 PSI).

Downfeed Restrictor:

Optional oil cylinder for easier, safer operation of the manual machine, cares for longer sawblade life and best cutting results. Also recommended to cut solids. Free downfeed of the saw head towards the material. A lever clamped trailing block at the saw head then pulls the cylinder and allows soft touch and infinitely adjustable restriction force when cutting through the material.

Jaw Plates: 

Replaceable for profiled jaws to cut thin material. Models AL 380: Movable rear jaw plates can be placed close to the sawblade for safe, clean cuts. The contact surface of the back fences is behind the mitering center. With graduated length stop (optional), rear jaw plates of 18 mm (0.7") thickness allow exact measuring in any mitering position.

Dimensions and Weights:   (W x L x H, table version)

AL380:     0.6 x 1.0 x 1.0 m (2' x 3' x 3')                      140 kg (320 lb.)

Standard Equipment: 

Mechanical vise(s), main switch, mechanical oil pump, operating keys, English manual, parts list.

Optional Equipment: 

Sawblade, air vise(s), spray mist, feed restrictor, stand for material level 920 mm, length stop, roller tables.